Request More Flower 

Attention: Pursuant to section 381.986(4)(f), Florida Statutes (F.S.), the Medical Marijuana Use Registry (“Registry”) was updated on August 29, 2022, to implement Emergency Rule 64ER22-8, Dosing and Supply Limits for Medical Marijuana. This emergency rule determines the daily dose amounts and supply limits for approved routes of administration of marijuana (excluding low-THC cannabis).

Section 381.986(4)(f)1., F.S.allows a qualified physician to request an exception to the daily dose amount for their qualified patient by electronically submitting the “Request for Exception” form in the Registry.






*Attention If You Have NOT Been Using The FULL 2.5 oz available to you, then YOU WILL NOT BE APPROVED. Please Do not submit the form.

Step 1 - Fill out the form below.

Step 2 - Doctor Jose Cedeno will review your request and determine whether he will submit the request to the state on your behalf based on your answers in the form.

Step 3 - If the doctor feels it is appropriate he will submit the request to the state on your behalf.

Step 4 - The state will take up to 2 weeks to review the request.