Money Back guarantee

If you suffer from any of the conditions listed above, you qualify in the state of Florida for the use of Medical Marijuana. The process is simple. After a consultation with one of our qualified doctors you will be allowed to use Medical Marijuana for 7 months. (A follow up visit covers you for 7 more months)

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    Step 1

    Call in and speak to a specialist, for free, and be pre-qualified for your perscription.

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    Step 2

    After a quick consultation with our doctor you will be given a recomendation for Medical Marijuana.

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    Step 3

    Based on our qualified doctor's recomendation the state will issue you a perscription card.


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    Joanna F

    "I've had really bad arthritis for years. My appointment only took a few minutes and now I have the relief I need.

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    Gregory M

    "The chemotherapy took away my appetite. It really is Amazing how quickly A.G.G. got me my perscription card. I've gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks!"

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    Holly P

    "Two back surgeries left me taking perscription pills more than I wanted to. The Marijuana Express M.D. helped me start using the best alternative!"

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    Marty f

    "I no longer have to worry about getting in trouble for the only thing that cures my migranes. I really feel safe having my perscription card in my wallet at all times."