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Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Florida is home to many marijuana dispensaries and your medical marijuana card is valid at every one of them. There are numerous locations for you to choose from with many offering online ordering and delivery. Not to mention discounts for first-time customers and reward points programs. 

At Marijuana Express M.D., we’ll guide you in choosing the best cannabis route, strain, and dosage amount so you feel confident when walking into a dispensary.

Trulieve logo


60% off your first order
50% off your second order
40% off your third order

flowery logo

The Flowery

20% off entire purchase. Can't be combined with discounts or loyalty points. Ground Flower and accessories are exempt.

Insa logo


Two $50 off coupon for new customers

Grow Healthy logo

Grow Healthy

25% off your first order
$75 off second order (minimum $150)

Sunburn logo


25% off your first order
10% off $150; 15% off $200; 20% off $250; 25% off $300

Rise Dispensary Logo


25% off first and second orders
50% off third order of $150

AVR logo


50% off first three visits.

VidaCann logo


50% off first order
50% of second order of $100+

Fluent dispensary logo


50% off first purchase

Surterra logo


60% off first purchase
40% off second purchase

MUV logo


30% off first order
40% off second order of $150+
50% off third order of $200+



40% off first order
30% off second order

Curaleaf logo


50% off first order

Cannabist logo


40% off first order

Sunnyside logo


Code CrescoNPD1970 for 50% off first four visits

Green Dragon dispensary logo

Green Dragon

50% off first purchase
20% off second purchase

Sanctuary dispensary logo


50% off first, second, and fifth purchases

Jungle Boys logo

Jungle Boys

25% off first order
35% off second order

House of Platinum Cannabis

20% off first order. Ground flower and accessories exempt


Cash is preferred at many dispensaries however cards can be used with a small fee. CanPay is a debit app that allows you to use your card without a fee.

Most dispensaries carry all cannabis routes such as flower, edibles, topicals, tinctures, and more.

Cannabis amounts are broken into the route being used. Each person is allowed to purchase 2.5 ounces of smoking cannabis over a 35-day period with a possession limit of 4 ounces. Limits may be increased in specific instances. The limits for edibles, orals, and other routes vary, and at Marijuana Express, we’ll be sure to help you understand the variances before you leave.

Yes, your registered caregiver may order and pickup cannabis products from a dispensary for you. 

Generally no, consuming cannabis at the dispensary is prohibited.

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